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"Her mathematical passion is only equalled by her knowledge and her clever demonstrations" - Cheltenham Science Festival 2015 brochure
"Obviously a gifted presenter. Wonderful explanation and inspired both of the children (12 and 14) to investigate mathematics further!" - audience feedback, Cambridge Science Festival
"Dr Katie Steckles is not just an amazing mathematician but has proved to be a great speaker who holds the audience extremely focused." - audience feedback, Cambridge Science Festival
"Mind Blown." - Year 10 student, Bristol
"Like Ghostbusters, but for maths" - BBC Radio Manchester production assistant
"I really like the maths lady, I want to be a mathematician" - Year 7 student, London

Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who gives talks and workshops and writes about mathematics. She finished her PhD in 2011, and since then has talked about maths in schools, at science festivals, on BBC radio and TV, at music festivals, as part of theatre shows and on the internet. She currently lectures part-time at Sheffield Hallam University.

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Current projects include:

Katie has delivered talks and workshops in schools for Think Maths with Matt Parker, engaging students with off-curriculum mathematics. Working with Matt, Katie ran the Domino Computer project at Manchester Science Festival in 2012, the MegaMenger international fractal construction project in 2014, and the Mirror Pillar anamorphic art project in 2018.

In 2016, Katie was awarded the Joshua Phillips Award for Innovation in Science Engagement, was the official Science Communicator in Residence for the 2016 Manchester Science Festival, and ran the Manchester MegaPixel project as part of the festival. Press release (PDF)

Katie appeared on the 2018 Christmas Special episode of QI, to explain a mathematical concept through the medium of beer. She has also appeared several times on BBC radio, including talking to the BBC World Service about topical maths news, guest spots for BBC Radio Manchester talking about maths puzzles, and as part of a Naked Scientists programme about the Millenium Maths Problems for BBC Radio 5 Live Science, in July 2015. She has also appeared as a guest expert in two episodes of Channel 4's SuperShoppers, on a BBC Live Lesson in January 2018, and on the Discovery Science Channel's 'Mythical Beasts' in the US.

Katie is the organiser of MathsJam, a monthly pub night for people who want to share maths toys and games, puzzles and other interesting mathsy things. Katie runs the Manchester meetings, and coordinates all the organisers of over 60 MathsJams worldwide, and helps to maintain the MathsJam website.

Katie blogs as part of the team at The Aperiodical, an online maths magazine. One of the site's three editors, Katie posts news and opinion pieces, as well as curating content and helping to run the Carnival of Mathematics.
She also writes regular blog posts every fortnight for the Heidelberg Laureate Forum's blog at Spektrum.de SciLogs.

Katie has appeared in several videos on the YouTube channel Numberphile, talking about her favourite bits of maths. She's also done a few videos of her own, including one on gift wrapping which has had around half a million views.

In 2014, Katie worked with Dr Peter Rowlett and the Further Maths Support Programme to produce a series of podcasts, called Taking Maths Further. Each episode features an interview with someone who uses maths in their work, plus some discussion on the mathematics, and a puzzle. The podcasts are available to listen to on the FMSP website.

Other/Past Projects

Pure Mathematics MMath (undergraduate Masters), UMIST
PhD Mathematics, University of Manchester (completed 2011)