Maths Engagement Case Studies

Child looking engaged 

This collection of case studies aims to share good practice, ideas and advice for anyone working or participating in maths engagement.

We have spoken to a variety of maths engagement practitioners and asked them to outline what they did, why they did it that way and what they learned during the process in a case study. We hope you find them useful.

To navigate this website, use the links above. We have developed an audience segmentation model which divides people by audience group (from pre-school up to retired) and interest level (from uninterested up to expert), and tagged projects with rough topic areas. More details about this can be found on the audience and topic pages.

This research project has been carried out by Peter Rowlett (Sheffield Hallam University), Katie Steckles (freelance maths communicator), and Greg Chamberlain (student researcher), with funding from Sheffield Hallam University as a Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts Educational Research Project.

The set of case studies can be downloaded as a book: Maths Engagement Case Studies (PDF)